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Zero Petroleum is dedicated to the production of 100% fossil-free fuels and petrochemicals. 

These revolutionary products are synthesised through the recycling of water and atmospheric carbon-dioxide using renewable energy. Their production and use cycle is entirely circular and carbon-neutral.

Our drop-in fuel is a direct replacement for petrol. When in full production by 2027, the target sale price will be £3 per litre or less. We are creating a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in the transition to net zero…and indefinitely beyond.

To celebrate the start of production, we are opening pre-order for a limited number of special edition iconic canisters containing the first ever fuel off the line.

This is your chance to own a place in history.

1st Barrel
Launch edition

Only eight people in the world will be able to say they bought a share of the first production barrel of 100% fossil-free gasoline ever created. This is the environmentally friendly equivalent of the first barrel of oil ever drilled. The purchase price includes a contribution to important R&D helping to make synthetic fuels affordable for all.

  • Exclusive launch edition synthetic gasoline
  • Limited to 8 units (8 x 20L = 1 barrel)
  • Shipping late 2023
  • 20L Zero® Syn95™
    (95 octane synthetic motor gasoline, 100% fossil-free, bio-free, ethanol-free, lead-free)
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Signed and numbered by Zero Petroleum CEO, Paddy Lowe
  • Unique “1st Barrel” collector’s iconic Zero® Jerrycan
  • Enrolment in the Zero® Pioneers Programme

1st Tanker
Premier edition

A tanker contains 20,000 litres, which means just 1,000 people will get the chance to buy this limited edition of fossil-free gasoline. History. This is an exclusive and original part of our planet’s future. Your purchase contributes to R&D making synthetic fuels affordable for all.

  • Premier edition synthetic gasoline
  • Limited to 1,000 units (1,000 x 20L – 1 fuel tanker)
  • Shipping 2025
  • 20L Zero® Syn95™
    (95 Octane Synthetic Motor Gasoline, 100% fossil-free, bio-free, ethanol-free, lead-free)
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Unique “1st Tanker” collector’s iconic Zero® Jerrycan

Coming Soon

Zero Petroleum is on a rapid trajectory to market. We want to keep potential customers informed, so please join us on the journey by registering for updates.

  • Zero® Syn98™ (98 Octane Synthetic Motor Gasoline)
  • Zero® SynAvGas® UL91 (Synthetic Aviation Gasoline)
  • Zero® SynAvTur® Jet A-1 (Synthetic Jet Fuel)
  • Zero® SynDiesel™ (Synthetic Diesel)