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1st Barrel
Launch edition

Only eight people in the world will be able to say they bought a share of the first production barrel of 100% fossil-free gasoline ever created. This is the environmentally friendly equivalent of the first barrel of oil ever drilled. The purchase price includes a contribution to important R&D helping to make synthetic fuels affordable for all.

  • Exclusive launch edition synthetic gasoline
  • Limited to 8 units (8 x 20L = 1 barrel)
  • Shipping end 2025
  • 20L Zero® Syn95™
    (95 octane synthetic motor gasoline, 100% fossil-free, bio-free, ethanol-free, lead-free)
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Signed and numbered by Zero Petroleum CEO, Paddy Lowe
  • Unique “1st Barrel” collector’s iconic Zero® Jerrycan
  • Enrolment in the Zero® Pioneers Programme